Welcome to Reutter Atmos Repair

As  a jewelry model maker I am not only fascinated by early electric battery clocks but especially by the amazing Reutter Atmos clocks from the thirties.


As many of these Reutters are in need of restoration I have restored quite a lot of these during the last 15 years.
During this period I remade a few lost items to original factory specifications. What was made 80 years ago can be fixed today with enough effort. 

Among others the unique feature of this clock: the Drum and its Internals can now be repaired.

Before the biggest accident that could happen to a Reutter was a broken or “dead” U-tube inside the motor of the  Atmos.
Jaeger Le Coultre seems not able to make it anymore or can not cater to your specific wish because of company policy. That did not stop me as an admirer of the original Reutter Atmos clock.

So now your Reutter with a broken U tube can be brought to life again. The broken one can be replaced with a perfectly working U tube, made to the original specification.
Read on about the amazing Reutter Atmos, its workings, do’s and don’ts and its care.
Have fun!

Reutter Atmos Clocks