Tips on buying a Reutter Atmos clock

Buying a Reutter Atmos can be a risky affair if you do not have enough knowledge about this clock.
Especially when you have to decide quickly when on a clock fair or at an auction.

To repair a Reutter is not something every clockmaker is able to do. Parts are normally not available.

So your best option is to buy a running example even if cosmetics are not optimal.

And try to make sure that the motor of the clock is still in working condition as this is not cheap to repair.

When you did buy a Reutter Atmos clock then be sure to bring it to a person that has experience working on it.
Every technical detail of the Reutter Atmos clock matters.

Without experience it is difficult to get things right.

A functioning drum normally moves one time every day, depending of course on temperature variations and also on spring tension.
(If fully wound the drum will not move much or not at all for quite some time on early versions.)

After a temperature rise it goes to a position with the pegs in a more horizontal position. Chrome plated drum.
When the temperature drops it goes back. The two pegs will be in a more vertical position.  Nickel plated drum.

A broken drum will not move at all of course. The motor can be “dead” also. Then it is not broken, but the ammonia gas escaped (mostly). In that case it can show some movement when standing on a flat surface, but not enough to wind the clock.