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"Basket Case"

“Basket Case”

Almost every Reutter Atmos can be repaired.
These exclusive clocks were mostly handmade and thus unique. So repair is of course also always a one off. That means everything that is broken has to be made specific to that clock. That keeps your clock an exclusive piece of fine craftsmanship.
As a consequence you need to have some patience before you can enjoy your timepiece again in full working order. Especially if parts are missing or beyond repair.
Normal service takes about 4 weeks, excluding of course: shipping time.

The unique feature of the Reutter Atmos clock is the thermal motor which driving part is the glass U-tube. If not broken as this one on the right it would contain mercury and ammonia gas in specific quantities. 

For many years it was not possible to get a replacement for the broken tube. Jaeger-LeCoultre did it only at an exorbitant price and now it seems they are not able do it anymore.
Now, after a lot of research, it is finally possible again to replace the broken tube with a fully functional one that guarantees that your clock runs again as designed.



NEVER open a motor (the drum) and always handle with extreme care.
The warning plate on it says: DON’T OPEN – DANGER.
This HAS to be taken LITERALLY ! If the tube breaks it does EXPLODE !
This can of course result in serious injury. So investigative minds are sufficiently
warned I hope.


A restored drum looks like the one on the right. The U-tube is fully insulated on one side and glued to the drum on the other.
Every drum is individually balanced and once more calibrated after closing it with the lid.
Once again: do not open a drum that is still functional.








The heart of the Reutter Atmos motor is the glas U-tube. Filled with ammonia and mercury it needs only a temperature difference of one degree to function.